Thursday, 17 January 2013

Will It Snow.................

Good Afternoon All,
Well I am waiting with trepidation as to weather we are going to get snow.......... today has been a very grey and chilly one so far, and I must admit at one point up at the yard, I thought we had a slight sleet, I don't mind the snow, but we never get it at Christmas, I cannot remember the last time we had a white Christmas, and it's never the same after, it looks pretty and all that, but things just come to a standstill here in Cornwall, as soon as we have even a flurry of snow you have the radio presenters, saying do not go out unless you have to...... It's snow for heaven's sake hardly an alien invasion..... and if the gritters, gritted the roads, well don't get me started on that one, please explain why I, and so many others pay road tax........ I was under the impression silly me, that it went towards things, like the upkeep of the roads, and gritting,  we do have the gritters out, and they do grit the main roads, but the side roads seem to be forgotten about, and never see any, how do they think people get there cars on to the main roads in the first place, hover........Oh well, I suppose some things will never change, anyhow, on a lighter note...... I would like to thank all the people, who have taken time out of there busy lives to leave comments on my blogs, I love reading them, and they are much appreciated, thank you, now if you are one of those kind people,  you will now that I am going to dabble in photography this year, so I have been snapping away at anything and everything at the moment, and the results are below, Also popped in to Camborn Town on the way back from the yard today, to go in to the pet shop to purchase some chews for the rabble, and right next door is a craft shop...... well you know what it's like when you are a crafter, you have to go in, so I purchased some card blanks, and some lovely patterned card stock, so I will endeavour to have a play around with it this afternoon, anyway must go as I have to light the fire, and the kettle has just boiled, speak again soon. Hope you like the pixs.........

Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs 

A close up of a Rhododendron Bud

Sweet Little Daisy

I Just Love this tree it so Gnarled and Bare 

If the gateway to my Horse's field, get's any worse we will need a canoe  

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