Friday, 18 January 2013

Cannot Unzip.......

Morning All,

Firstly I Would like to say a big thank you to three new followers on my blog, so Mau, Deb and Ardyth-Percy Robb thank you so much for joining me, Now this weather, here in Cornwall it is tipping it down with rain...... the roads are water logged, with puddles the size of lakes, oh alright a slight exaggeration, but they are big, anyhow, on a more gloomy note, back to work for the next three day's for me, would much rather be at home in my craft room, but I suppose I do need  an income to support my ever growing craft stash..... also I am in a bit of pickle at the moment, found this lovely site called Far Far Hill, and they are giving away free, yes free, lovely backing papers, well never one to miss an opportunity, I downloaded some last night, download went fine, but when I tried to print them out nothing...... what have I done wrong, if anybody out there could give me some advice, it would be great, I am okay at the easy stuff on my computer, but that's about as far as my computer knowledge goes, and the papers are mouth watering....... well that's about all I have time for, as I need to get ready for work, so hopefully God willing will talk to you all again briefly in the morning......By the way Congratulations to the winners of the Less is More Black and White Challenge, the cards are beautiful,

Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Borrowed This Picture from the Internet I think it's just amazing..


  1. Hello Suzi.
    Love the picture toy borrowed from the intenet you are right stunning. I have tried the site with the free papers and cannot get a far as you . i think its the site and not you.
    I will put a link in to the site i use. It really is a good one and you gan make your own backing paper. free craft downloads uk. put that in your surch engine Go to the third one down, its a purple site. Hope you get it ok,

    1. Just had a quick peek, you are right Lilian, have just made my own backing paper, easy peasy lemon squesy.

      Hugs Suzy B

  2. Thank you Lilian, why is it when something goes wrong you always think it's our fault, I will go and have a peek, Hugs Suzy B


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