Monday, 21 January 2013

It's Here........

Good Afternoon All,

Well woke this morning to a blanket of Snow....... Got up at about 02.20 this morning to use the loo, and it was eerily quite, and you just knew it had been snowing, let the rabble in to the garden, and there it was, went back to bed and informed hubby, all I got was a grunt...... so got up later in the morning, than I would normally have done, thinking that the roads would be a bit clearer, with traffic, and they were,until you hit Stithians........ and that is where it all went wrong..... now before I left hubby told me not to go that way, and stick to the main road, which is what I intended to do, but before I knew it I was in Stithians, you see this is the route I take all the time, so I must have been on auto pilot, and the road was like a sheet of ice, my truck which by the way is not a 4x4 , just looks like one, started to slip across the road, and I don't mean a nice wide road, this is a country lane with Cornish stone walls on either side.....and we ended up sideways, so managed to get straight again, and carried on, by this time I was so stressed I had a pounding headache, got a little further up the road and there was a van that had slid in to the side, I could not turn round, and just sat and waited, finally we were on the move again albeit slow, and my truck started to slide again, well  by this time I was crying, thinking I cannot do this, but I cannot turn round either, then I heard my dad in my head, saying you can do this, drop your truck in to a lower gear, my truck is also automatic, and just pump the brakes, to keep you slowing down, so I continued, the rabble were in the back and Smarty Pants was in the front seat, and I said to them all don't worry we are going to get to the stables in one piece, on a normal day the journey takes me 30 mins tops, this morning in took me two hours.......anyhow after a traumatic morning, we are safely home, so I have just had a coffee, going to do a few chores, and then hopefully, enter a couple of challenges....... even though this morning was not in the least bit enjoyable, the snow did look pretty, and the rabble loved it in the fields, you see this is the first time they have met snow, and it was funny to watch them, below are some pictures I took, once I had stopped shaking.........
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

This was taken on the way up the yard this morning on the Stithians Road

This is halfway down the road I started to slip on taken from in my truck

The fields up at the stables

Queen Smarty Pants and Chumleigh

The Gang......

Toby and Chumleigh can't quite make out what it is.....

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  1. Glad to hear you made it home safe - lovely pix btw



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