Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Wind be a Blowing...................

Good Afternoon All,

Well it's a dry day here, but oh my it is very windy, and there are a few grey clouds appearing, so not sure how much longer the rain will stay away, after I had finished up at the yard this morning, I decided to go to the beach, to take some pixs of what I thought would be a rough sea, owing to the high winds, but I was very disappointed upon arrival at Portreath Beach, hardly any swell at all, even though it was very windy,but I did take a few shots of the not so rough sea......... the beach was nearly deserted, just a couple of people braving the elements and me snapping away, so returned home to hubby, who was out in the back garden to my surprise, tidying up a bit, so we both including rabble as well, started to sort a few things out, checking the drains for leaves and so forth, we were also able to get around the pond, which was great, so we cut a lot of bushes back, ready for the Spring, so all in all a productive morning, this afternoon I am going to do a bit more crafting, I have just started to get in to stamping, so I am going to have sort out of my inks and stamps, and hopefully enter a couple of more challenges, so whatever you all get up to this afternoon, have a great time and I will speak again soon........

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