Saturday, 12 January 2013

Super Saturday..........

Good Morning All,
Well so far so good, no sign of the dreaded snow yet...........just got that drizzle here in Cornwall, at the moment, well yet again up at the crack of dawn this morning, picked up Julie, and of we went, my renewed vigour is still with me, not sure were Julie's has gone, if it is was ever there in the first place........ I rode my boy again in the indoor school, much to his disgust..... and then did all my chores up the yard, after which I  decided to do my David Bailey impression......... and took some photo's, which I have uploaded below for all to see......... so once I had finished clicking away, we left to come home, now on the way home we have to pass a beautiful reservoir, it's called Stithains reservoir, and I decided to stop and try to get some pictures of the duck's, as you do, well........ I stopped in the wrong place, along side some twitters........ bad move, especially with my gob, out I get smiling at all the twits...... get's my little camera out, and I am sure I heard some sniggering, I also thought I heard one of them say, ahh look at that little old dear with her tiny camera....... as the twits you see, have all this fancy camera equipment with huge things on the front of them, and there's me with my little Fuji Finepix....... now anybody who know's me now's I am not the quietest of people, so I go trudging in the undergrowth, and all I can hear is tutting coming from a shed, which I must say was cleverly disguised as a bush.... so I carried on, trying to get as close to the edge as possible, and I managed to get one picture, and as you can see from the photo below, they look like little dots on the water, but in my defence they were quite a way out, So maybe I should invest in camera like the twits had........what do you think........
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

D.A.D. Dazzling Ace Designs

This is Jack Anne's dog keeping out of the rain this morning.......

My boy Ace ready and waiting........

This is not the way to do it Julie.........

Ohh you over there, Jago Sarah's son

And he said.........

Jago gives his mum a helping hand....maybe

Stithians Reservoir Ducks

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