Sunday, 20 January 2013

No Snow as of yet........

Morning all,

Well I keep waking up expecting Snow, but as of yet none,but it is damm chilly, my temp gauge on my truck read -1 degree this morning going over to the yard, and the hose pipe at the stables was frozen, which was a pain but anyhow, what's it like were you are........ I don't think we will escape the snow here in Cornwall, but you never know....... anyhow Lilian over on My Fun Time, gave me this wonderful site were you can print off free backing papers,Free Craft Downloads and it is great, have not had a chance to have a good look yet,work an all, but after today I have three day's of, so will have a good look then, also some great new challenges this week that I want to join in on, so I will be busy busy busy.......anyhow, I must love and leave you all, as have to get ready for work ( big sigh...) so stay safe and warm, and will speak again soon.

Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Have no Snow here in Cornwall yet, but i just love this winter scene, makes me want to walk down this road with my dogs it looks so peaceful.

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