Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sweet Find........

Good Afternoon All,
Well no sign of any snow yet........ although they are saying we may get some Friday, how do they now it is going to be Friday I ask myself, suppose there is a hold up, and the snow may even decide to go in another direction, what amazes me is, when you are waiting to have a large item delivered, ie washing machine, furniture ect, they are never able to give you a time as to when the said item will be delivered, yet snow, well yes, that will be here on Friday...... anyhow talking about furniture, don't now about you, but I do not like modern furniture, to me it has no character, it all looks so square and bland with sharp corners, now me I love the old stuff, furniture with character and round corners, big squishy sofas with throws on them, my home is a mish mash of items, nothing matches, anyhow was at a  car boot some while ago, and I saw this lovely chair, with the winged arms, and the lions feet legs, and I just had to have it, so did a bit of haggling, and the said chair was brought home, and placed in the spare room, you see we were decorating the lounge at the time, so decided to bring chair out when finished, well you now what it's like, kept saying we must bring that chair down, anyway, today I decided to get the chair, well, what a palaver that was, hubby at work, me on my own, trying to manoeuvre the chair down the stairs, I got it stuck on the top landing, and thought bloody hell I'm going to have to stay here till hubby gets home, the rabble were at the bottom of the stairs, wondering what the hell all the shouting was about, but never one to be beaten, I managed to get the chair around the bend in the stairs, part way down I heard something roll down the stairs and come to an abrupt halt at the bottom, and my first thought was oh no one of the legs has fallen of, so continued down the stairs, and to my amazement, it wasn't a leg, but a pretty glass perfume bottle, it must have been lodged down the side of the chair, and all the pushing and shoving must of dislodged it ,what a sweet little find..........and the said chair, looks great next to my fireplace. Below are some pictures I took today along with said perfume bottle.
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs 

My Sweet Little Find

Stithians Lake grey and dismal

Queen Smarty Pants in her Christmas Bed in my truck front seat of course

Popped in to my son's on the way home as it's his birthday tomorrow and caught my grandson Jacob having his brekkie

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  1. What a sweet perfume bottle, and an even sweeter doggie but Jacob has to win hands down :)) He is adorable xx
    Mau xx


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