Monday, 28 January 2013

Hauntingly Beautiful..........

Good Morning All,
Yes I am early today, in work today, well, had a very busy weekend crafting pleased to say, I entered quite few card challenges, it's lovely to see all the different styles for each of the challenges, there really are some very talented crafters out there,  have done a fair bit of stamping this weekend, something I rarely do, and I must admit I am getting hooked, still have a fair bit to learn, like how much pressure to apply, and would like to learn how to mask an area, took me a few attempts to do a couple of the cards, and they are still not right, but I will persevere as I really do enjoy it, although are you supposed to get so much of the ink on your fingers, or is that because I am a messy crafter.......... anyhow, I took a couple of pixs of the moon this morning, as I thought it looked so hauntingly beautiful behind the tree in my garden.........

This one is a bit blurry

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