Wednesday, 9 January 2013

And it Continues.............

Afternoon All,

Weather here in Cornwall Fair to Middling today, although a bit chilly it's dry......... and that big yellow thing in the sky has shown it's  face on a couple of occasions, anyhow, once again renewed vigour is still with me, had a great time on by horse Ace this morning, once again riding at 8.45, perhaps it's the no chocolate thing I have going on at the moment....... although according to my mate Julie, chocolate is supposed to give you energy, so who knows, all I know is long may it continue, so I have done my chores around the house, and I am going to settle down for some crafting, I had an invite to join another group over on Craft Bubble this morning, which I was pleased to except, It's making jewellery, so I am looking forward to getting the beads out, back at work Thursday and Friday, and yippee, I have the weekend of, so lots more crafting. So I will love and leave you as the kettle is a calling.
So bye for now, speak soon.
Below are some pictures I took of Queen Smarty Pants this morning, not being very helpful in Ace's Stable.....
Suzy B

There are not supposed to be any lumps in the straw Smarty Pants

I Know it's in here somewhere 

Do you think this looks good on me.......

You talking to me.....

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