Thursday, 28 February 2013

CASology Week # 33 Challenge Circles........

Materials Used
White Satin Base Card 280 gsm,
Orange,Lemon and Green Card Stock all 320 gsm
Background Paper from K & Co,
I went for a fun theme with this challenge, and used bright funky colours.

Think it's Thursday............

Good Afternoon All,

Well it's a bit on the chilly side still here in Cornwall, had to de-ice my truck before I went up the yard this morning, well it's been a bit of a manic day today, the lesson I had on my horse this morning, did not go so well.......maybe it was because I was tired, also I thought I only had two birthday pressies for friends and it turned out I need to get three, anyhoo all done and wrapped....... went down my Mum's for a coffee and a chat, and ended up buying the new Linda Ravenscroft CD Rom, Mum had brought it from Create and Craft but decided she didn't want it so moi ended up with it yipee, I love her fairies, she is a wonderful artist, Oh also brought myself a new book to read called The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, it's sound right up my street as it is a Fantasy, and as my mates say, most of the time I am away with the fairies........ today I kept thinking it was Friday, below is a card I made for my friend Julie for her Birthday using my new CD Rom.
 Materials Used, 
Silver Embossed Base Card 320gsm, Red Card Stock edged with a silver border peel off, Image from Linda Ravenscroft New Cd Rom, Fairy Gemstones.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Make My Monday Challenge Pink and Black...........

Materials Used,
Black Leather Effect Base Card 320gsm
Salmon Pink Satin Card 260 gsm
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder
Spellbinder Label Die for the Sentiment, which I printed from my computer.
two black crystal gems

Is it Spring Yet.........

Afternoon All,

How you all keeping........ here in Cornwall, It's pretty darn chilly, still wearing me thermals up at the yard, well day of today, just finished three long day's, back in tomorrow, then four day's of yippee........ what will I do with all that time on my hand's........ let me think, ahh I know, crafting, crafting , and, yep more crafting, there sorted..... no joking aside, I do have a few things to do, top of the list, A Mothers day pressie for my amazing Mummy, a 50th Birthday present for a friend at work, and hopefully meet up with Sherry for a coffee and chat, phew tired out just thinking about it, that's without sorting my horse out..... just as well I have four day's of, anyhoo, when we gonna get some warmer weather...... nearly in to March, need to get in to some healthy eating, like salad's and stuff, but who wants to eat a salad when it's minus degrees out, well I do now someone actually, Hubby, who has a salad everyday, me I have just put a homemade vegetable soup in the slow cooker, mind you that's healthy isn't it........... below are some pics I took up at the yard this morning.

I,m not speaking to you....How could you forget our Anniversary 
Lizzie, who is a retired Language teacher, and is on the Board of Governor's at the local church, so we have to watch our Ps and Qs when she is around........

And this is Mary, being Mary bless her..........

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Morning All........

Good Morning All,

Well it was a frosty morning this morning 0 degrees according to my truck at 04.30, and I must admit I think I believe him, anyhoo, hope you are well and keeping warm, I have not long got back from the stables, so this is going to be short and sweet, as of to work soon....... just thought I pop in say hi to you all, anyhow, whatever you are doing on this chilly Sunday, enjoy and keep warm.........

Took this picture of the moon last night, when I got in from work. about 09.30 I thought the clouds looked amazing.

D.A.D. Dazzling Ace Designs

Friday, 22 February 2013

February Card Challenge for Craft Bubble...........

Good Morning All,

Well I hope you are all well, and wrapped up against the cold spell we are having at the mo, I am just having a coffee before I get ready for work, so this will be a short blog, while I am here Kathy K, I hope you get your computer sorted soon, and enjoy yourself this weekend, Well I did manage to get a bit of crafting done yesterday after my busy day, it was for the Feb challenge, at Crafters Delight's over on, Catherine had set the challenge at nature, the picture of the tree I took while walking my dogs, I thought it looked so beautiful, standing tall and proud even though it had been stripped of it's leaves. Materials used Chocolate Brown Satin Card Stock 320 gsm, Cocoa Brown Card Stock 260gsm, Image printed on to photo paper, cream linen effect card stock for sentiment, paper Rose and skeleton leaves.

Sort Out.......

Good Afternoon All,
Well it's another cold day here in Cornwall, we even had a flurry of snow this morning......... well today I visited my son and daughter in law and my grandson Jacob Simon, in there new house, it's lovely, and they seem to be pretty well sorted, considering they only moved in last weekend, they were waiting for the boiler man when I arrived, as they had no heating last night, something to do with air in the boiler, anyhoo, all sorted, and they are as snug as bug..... when I left there I went to visit my amazing mum, we had a coffee and a chat, and I said that I was going to have a sort out in my craft room on my return home, which I have hoorah..... and I have been pretty ruthless I must say, I now have all my inks and stamps organized, so no more searching for the right ink..... how long this will last heavens know's, but I will do my best, so have not had time to do any crafting at the mo, and I will be working the next three day's, will have to see if I can get a wee bit done this evening.......while I have been sorting out my stash, I have also been downloading some really pretty backing papers from  and they are free yes free, which makes it even better......

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Make My Monday Challenge Ribbon and Buttons......

Materials Used,
C6 White Base Card
Turquoise Blue Card Stock 320 gsm
X Cut Embossing Folder
Spellbinder Small Label Die
Striped Ribbon by Papermania
Flower Embellishment found in craft stash I just added the button.


Good Evening All,
Hope you are all keeping warm, what's gone wrong with the weather...........have I fallen asleep, and we are back in December.......Monday and Tuesday of this week I was able to go out in the garden with a short sleeve top, but now I am back in me thermals....... Oh well, anyhoo, found it hard to drag myself away from the fire this evening, but I wanted to enter a couple of Challenges, so I am tucked up in my craft room, with the fire on, Hubbie is watching the footie on the TV, and by the look on his face a minute ago not sure his team is doing very well at the moment, I do keep saying to him, It's only a game.........

Cute Card Thursday Simplify..........

Materials Used
6ins by 6ins White Base Card
Purple Spotted Card Stock By Payper Box
X Cut Butterfly Punch
Tri-Boss Embossing Folder.
X Cut Border Die
I embossed the white strip at the bottom of the card, but it is difficult to see, probably should have used a contrasting colour. I printed the text from my computer.
Cute Card Thursday Simplify

52 Christmas Card Throwdown Colour Challenge Hearts......

Materials Used,
Base Card covered in a red and gold striped paper,
Gold Mirri Card 320 gsm,
X Cut Heart Embossing Folder,
X Cut Border Die
Heart and Dove Die by Sissix, I cut this die in a white card, then rubbed a Tim Holtz Distress ink over it in Fired Brick.
Sentiment I printed out on my computer, then cut it out using a Spellbinder Label Die, around the edge I used a Gold ink pad.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

No Shading........

Good Afternoon All,

Hope you are well, the weather here in Cornwall has been lovely, sunny but windy, long may it continue........ hope the weather has been kind to you, well been away from my computer for the last couple of day's, work an all, but have the next couple of day's of, so hope to get a bit of crafting done, think I am suffering from withdrawl symptoms......... hubbies car has gone in to have some work done, so having to drop him of at work and pick up later, which is a bit of a pain, but heyhoo, hubbie does enough for me, anyhow, as you all now I have just started stamping, and I am really enjoying it, just need to get my confidence up, so am cheating a bit by stamping on to a plain piece of card, and then die cutting it with a Spellbinder die, not quite got the confidence to stamp straight on to the base card, but hopefully with a bit of practice I can stop cheating, also not got the hang of shading........ so they look like a child has coloured them in, so again with practice I might be able to achieve some sort of definition  to my stamped projects, below are some images I have stamped and shaded.
Materials used White Card Stock, 260gsm, Sole Creation Shoe Stamps by Expressions,Toread Aurora stamp by Crafter's Companion,all images shaded in using Spectrum Noir Ink Pens.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Christmas Card Challenges # 12 Tags......

I tried to get the Vintage look with this challenge,
Materials Used,
Brown Cardsock 320gsm, which I embossed to add texture, the tag was cut using my Cricut Machine, and measures 5 1/2 ins, I then embellished that tag with , cream lace, 2 gold rose buds, and a gold ivy leaf, also two crystal tipped hat pins, then I added a broken heart earring, the sentiment I printed on to cream Cardstock 320 gsm, then die cut around it using a Spellbinder Label, to add more of an antique look I went around the edge of the sentiment with a gold ink pad.

Snap Happy.........

Good Afternoon All,
Well it's another sunny day here in Cornwall, albeit windy, great for getting the washing dry, was getting fed up with having the tumble dryer on all the time, well what you all up to today........ something good I hope, me well I am going to do a bit of crafting, maybe if I have time I will enter a couple of challenges, but I am also going to have a play and experiment, with a few things, if they turn out ok I will share them with you, if not I will share them with the bin...... well as you all now I have a new camera, so I have been taking some pixs, must admit most of them have been deleted, as I am still trying to work out the settings, but did manage to get a couple of pixs of two of my cats, could not get Greyone he was out in the garden some where.............

This is Pipalup he is about five years old we inherited him and his brother Greyone when my hubbies mum passed away

This is Mortitia my Mum and Dad got me her when she was a kitten about 15 years ago from a Cat Rescue , and she is still as nimble as a kitten, just a bit deaf

Friday, 15 February 2013

Another Nice Day.........

Good Morning All.
Well it looks like it is set to be another nice day here in Cornwall, hope weather good were you are, well of to work this morning ( sigh ), so will not have any time for crafting........ up at the crack of dawn this morning to drive my 28 mile round trip to sort my horse out, rabble not very impressed when I loaded them in to the truck.... Toby and Chumleigh did nothing but play fight in the back, and Queen Smarty Pants, was curled up in her bed on the front seat, wondering what an earth she was doing up at this ungodly hour.......and just kept giving me sideward glances every now and then, took my new camera with me just in case...... and took some lovely pixs of the sky as I was leaving the yard...... well I am going to love and leave you as have to get ready for work, but what ever you are all planning to do today have a good one........

Shame about the telegraph pole

Thursday, 14 February 2013

If The Shoe Fits.........

Hi all,
Just a quick blog, I needed to make a card for a friend at work, who loves shoes, well I had the perfect stamp, just so happened I got these when  I went down my Mum's..........
Materials Used ,
5ins by 5ins White Card Blank,
Shoe Stamp by Expressions also the sentiment
Border Stamp by the Victoria and Albert Museum, they were inspired by bedhangings and coverlets held in the the Museum's collection.
Stayzon Jet Black Ink Pad
Spellbinder Label Die
Shaded in using Spectrum Noir pens in Purples and Greens.

(PIN)spirational Challenge # 44...........

This is a miniature postcard that I designed with the graphics programme on my computer.
Postcard measure 3 ins by 2 ins.

New Stuff.........

Good Afternoon All,
Well it's been a lovely sunny day here in Cornwall, almost like a Spring Day, and I must say I have had a great day, spent time with my horse and had a great lesson on him, took the rabble for a couple of lovely walks through the fields, it was glorious, how good to be out in the sunshine....... also purchased a new camera, quite  complicated, but will get the hang of it I'm sure, took a couple of pics which I have uploaded below, also went to see my lovely Mum, and got some new stamps and inks, so all in all it's been one of those day's were you think I'm lucky to have what I have, so hopefully this evening I will have a play with my new inks and stamps, hubby will be watching the footie, and I will be locked away in my craft room, with a glass of something........

This is Murial that is painted on to the side of a building in Redruth that burnt down, it is painted on to a huge canvas that hangs down the side of the ruins. It was taken while I was at the traffic lights through my truck window.

Fat little Sparrow

Save some for me......

Monty my Brother's dog

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Inkspirational Challenge # 7 .............

Materials Used
8ins by 8ins White Card Base 320 gsm
Spellbinder Label Frames
X Cut Flourish Die
X Cut Border Die
Spellbinder Flower Dies
Flowers, Border and Flourish cut in a design sheet by K & Co
Image from a CD Rom by Lunar Girl
Dream Pegs purchased from my local pound shop
White lace added to the bottom of the image, and a piece of broken vintage jewellery from my craft stash