Monday, 4 February 2013

Locked Out.........

Good Afternoon All,

Well the weather today is dry hoorah, must mean Spring is on it's way......... oh to have just more than one dry day at the moment, surely there cannot be any more rain left up there, and I bet we still have a hose pipe ban in the summer, oh well it could be worse...... now I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, still got a cough but can deal with that, but still unable to drink coffee, make myself a cup and then have to throw it away..... hope this does not last long, drinking nothing but lemon barley at the moment, but suppose it healthier..... well today I got locked out of my truck by Queen Smarty Pants, don't now what I did to upset her, but she locked my truck doors, with my keys still in it....... as luck had it I had left the windows open, but not wide enough for me to get my tree trunk arms in, so Emma who is gazelle like calmly walks over to lend an arm.... meanwhile Queen Smarty Pants is jumping around the seats like a bloody loony barking with the boys in the back doing the self same thing, while Emma is trying to get her arm in the window, with me shouting at her and telling her it's her fault in the first place ( not Emma that is), anyhow truck doors were soon open, and we were able to return to home, done a bit of crafting today, entered the Christmas Cards All Year Round February Challenge, and then decided I would make a card for a friend at work,  using some of the pretty papers you get free with card magazines. Materials used, 135 mm by 135 mm card blank, which I covered with the papers, Spellbinder Round Labels used for the layering, I used parchment paper for that in contrasting colours, owl image I found in my stash and the sentiment I printed on to white card stock, then cut around using a Spellbinder die, I actually enjoyed putting colours together that I probably would not normally do........

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