Sunday, 10 February 2013

Log Burner........

Good Afternoon All,

Well it's a soggy day here in Cornwall today...... just the right weather for crafting, which I will hopefully be doing a bit later, it's been a busy day so far in the mad house....... had to have a new log burner fitted, old one was on its last legs, glass all cracked and quite rusty, but then it was very old, so it's gone to that scrap yard in the sky, and been replaced by a nice new shiny one....... the mess was unbelievable, but all done, and hubby is happy in the attic sorting through stuff, so I have just finished clearing up the mess, and thought I will come and have a chat with you all......... well I will not waste anymore of your time, and I am itching to do a bit of crafting so will speak again soon....

It's a bit dark, but you can just see my cat sitting waiting for me to light it.


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