Sunday, 17 February 2013

Snap Happy.........

Good Afternoon All,
Well it's another sunny day here in Cornwall, albeit windy, great for getting the washing dry, was getting fed up with having the tumble dryer on all the time, well what you all up to today........ something good I hope, me well I am going to do a bit of crafting, maybe if I have time I will enter a couple of challenges, but I am also going to have a play and experiment, with a few things, if they turn out ok I will share them with you, if not I will share them with the bin...... well as you all now I have a new camera, so I have been taking some pixs, must admit most of them have been deleted, as I am still trying to work out the settings, but did manage to get a couple of pixs of two of my cats, could not get Greyone he was out in the garden some where.............

This is Pipalup he is about five years old we inherited him and his brother Greyone when my hubbies mum passed away

This is Mortitia my Mum and Dad got me her when she was a kitten about 15 years ago from a Cat Rescue , and she is still as nimble as a kitten, just a bit deaf

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