Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dreaded Lurgy........

Hi All,

Well it's another grotty day here in Cornwall, which comes to no surprise.......... well I have been in bed with the dreaded lurgy.... for the last few day's, still not feeling quite right but have forced myself to do something, there is only so much reading one can do...... the time's I have wished to be able to stay in bed, on the mornings the dreaded alarm clock has gone off, and all I wanted to do was throw it at the wall, and curl back under the duvet....... and yet when you are unwell, and have to stay in bed it's not quite the same..... anyhow, the only good thing that's come out of this flu, chesty cough like bug, is that I have lost my appetite..... I am finding it hard to eat anything, and just the thought of food makes me nauseous, even chocolate......just the thought of anything sweet makes my stomach churn, so I hope this bit continues for as long as possible, so the only bit of crafting I have done is a get well card, which I have uploaded for all those who are feeling a bit under the weather........Materials Used,White Base Card, 135mm by 135mm, the base card has been covered with some free papers I received with the Quick Cards magazine, main image is from a cd rom by Pantheon Arts Insert Designs, I also used a selection of Spellbinder Labels for the layering.

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  1. aww!! this is adorable Sue, what a cute image.
    I do hope you are soon feeling lots better, Take care and get the Lemons and honey into you, I am just drinking a big glass of it now in boiling water as I have got the sneezes... hope to catch it before it gets a hold.
    Take Care Hugs Mau xx


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