Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Is it Spring Yet.........

Afternoon All,

How you all keeping........ here in Cornwall, It's pretty darn chilly, still wearing me thermals up at the yard, well day of today, just finished three long day's, back in tomorrow, then four day's of yippee........ what will I do with all that time on my hand's........ let me think, ahh I know, crafting, crafting , and, yep more crafting, there sorted..... no joking aside, I do have a few things to do, top of the list, A Mothers day pressie for my amazing Mummy, a 50th Birthday present for a friend at work, and hopefully meet up with Sherry for a coffee and chat, phew tired out just thinking about it, that's without sorting my horse out..... just as well I have four day's of, anyhoo, when we gonna get some warmer weather...... nearly in to March, need to get in to some healthy eating, like salad's and stuff, but who wants to eat a salad when it's minus degrees out, well I do now someone actually, Hubby, who has a salad everyday, me I have just put a homemade vegetable soup in the slow cooker, mind you that's healthy isn't it........... below are some pics I took up at the yard this morning.

I,m not speaking to you....How could you forget our Anniversary 
Lizzie, who is a retired Language teacher, and is on the Board of Governor's at the local church, so we have to watch our Ps and Qs when she is around........

And this is Mary, being Mary bless her..........

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