Thursday, 14 February 2013

New Stuff.........

Good Afternoon All,
Well it's been a lovely sunny day here in Cornwall, almost like a Spring Day, and I must say I have had a great day, spent time with my horse and had a great lesson on him, took the rabble for a couple of lovely walks through the fields, it was glorious, how good to be out in the sunshine....... also purchased a new camera, quite  complicated, but will get the hang of it I'm sure, took a couple of pics which I have uploaded below, also went to see my lovely Mum, and got some new stamps and inks, so all in all it's been one of those day's were you think I'm lucky to have what I have, so hopefully this evening I will have a play with my new inks and stamps, hubby will be watching the footie, and I will be locked away in my craft room, with a glass of something........

This is Murial that is painted on to the side of a building in Redruth that burnt down, it is painted on to a huge canvas that hangs down the side of the ruins. It was taken while I was at the traffic lights through my truck window.

Fat little Sparrow

Save some for me......

Monty my Brother's dog

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