Friday, 15 February 2013

Another Nice Day.........

Good Morning All.
Well it looks like it is set to be another nice day here in Cornwall, hope weather good were you are, well of to work this morning ( sigh ), so will not have any time for crafting........ up at the crack of dawn this morning to drive my 28 mile round trip to sort my horse out, rabble not very impressed when I loaded them in to the truck.... Toby and Chumleigh did nothing but play fight in the back, and Queen Smarty Pants, was curled up in her bed on the front seat, wondering what an earth she was doing up at this ungodly hour.......and just kept giving me sideward glances every now and then, took my new camera with me just in case...... and took some lovely pixs of the sky as I was leaving the yard...... well I am going to love and leave you as have to get ready for work, but what ever you are all planning to do today have a good one........

Shame about the telegraph pole


  1. Fantastic pictures. You really life in a wonderful place int eh world!
    XOXO SanDee

  2. Sue. Great Pictures. Its a joy to be up when you get pictures like that. Hugs


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