Monday, 7 January 2013

Renewed Vigour Still Here.......

Good Afternoon All,

Firstly I would like to say hello to Catherine, for taking the time to join my blog, hope you are well, and look forward to speaking to you again soon, are you going to join our Crafter's Delight's Monthly Card Challenge's we have in our group over on Craft Bubble...... Know you now I said I awoke the other morning with a renewed vigour...... guess what it's still here, even though we had two hectic day's at work, what's going on with me..... I ask myself, normally I have these bursts of energy that last all of...... 2 mins, maybe it's because I have not consumed large obscene amounts of chocolate......... although at work yesterday the guy's did say that a small amount of really dark chocolate a day is actually good for you, the only problem being is that I have no willpower to only allow myself a small piece a day, and not scoff down the whole bar, will have to get oh wise and wonderful one ( hubby that is) to take control of the said chocolate, and only leave me my daily quota, anyhow, in my last blog I also said I was going to make a Christmas Card a day to stop the crafting rush nearer Christmas, scrap that, what I meant to say was a card a week or maybe two, well today I have been up at the yard, sorted my handsome boy Ace out, walked the rabble, returned home and put a patch on Ace's stable rug, that had a hole in it, washed the floors, hoovered, done some washing, polished and even sorted the inside of my truck out, that was beginning to resemble the inside of a green wheelie bin, had a shower, and now I am talking to yoy,phew, and it is only 03.00 in the afternoon. My plans for in a mo is to make a couple of cards for a challenge, so I will love and leave all, before renewed vigour up and leaves.... will speak again soon.

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

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