Thursday, 3 January 2013

First Blog of 2013.......

Hi All,

Well this is it 2013, were did 2012 go......... have made up my mind to be more crafty this year, as in making things that is......... started of the year in a bit of a bleak mood, but have sorted myself out I think........ so I will be doing some sort of crafting on my day's off, and not just sitting there looking at everything in the hopes that something will jump out and bite my a..... have any of you made any resolutions........ mine is to cut back on chocolate, yet again and to stop hoarding craft materials, I have a box of pieces of card and paper that I am loathed to throw away, but it just keeps getting bigger, will have to think of ways to use it up, maybe for punching, could make some pretty mish mash flowers with it, very Shabby Chic, also I have to get out of Christmas Card mode, and start thinking sunshine and flowers, I am going to try and use material in my card designs as well, there is some very pretty material around at the moment, so I will ask in the fabric shops for any off cuts they might have...... also will incorporate more fibres and ribbon in my designs this year, see I have all the ideas, just need to put them in to practice..........did pick up some pretty ribbon out of Aldis, have uploaded a picture of it below, they are all three stranded with little beads and gems, very pretty.

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

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