Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snap Happy...........

Good Afternoon All.
Well what a chilly old day........... but at least the shine is shining, anyhow, did not hang about up at the yard this morning, as I want to do a few chores around the home, boring I now but it has to be done, but did manage to take a couple of lovely photo's of the sun shining through the trees before I left, popped in to my mum's for a coffee on the way home, and asked my brother Vincent for some help with my camera, and he advised me to put it on macro for close up's......... oh yes it's the flower symbol on my camera, wondered what that was for....... so I got snap happy and took some photo's of the stained glass work my mum and dad used to do, and also the hand painted glass that I used to do, which I would like to do some more of as I found it quite relaxing, my passion being fairies, so I have uploaded some pictures for you to see, anyhow must go as I need to get my chores finished, as there is a new challenge over on the Tuesday Throwdown Blog, so bye for now.
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Taken this morning up at the yard

A Wizard Mirror my Dad made

Again taken this morning up at the yard

This is a vase I pianted a fairy on for my mum for Mother's day  one year

Another mirror my dad made

Another Wizard my Dad made

This used to belong to my dad, the windows of the pub and clock tower light up when switched on,  my mum gave it to me when my dad passed away, I believe it's quite old.

This mirror my mum made

This is a close up taken with my camera of the flowers I took my mum this morning

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