Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mobile Christmas Tree.......

My Quote for December,

Afternoon All,

Brrrrr.......chilly today, woke up this morning to ice on my truck windows, and as usual I was not prepared, even though the weathermen have been threatening us with this weather, no de-icer, so I got an old fabric conditioner bottle, put some anti freeze in it and filled it with water, went outside and threw it over my truck windows, great result ice melting, however...... ice not only melting, but truck smelling as if it has just come out of the washing machine, there must have been a small amount of conditioner left in the bottle, oh well truck smelling lovely, should have thrown some around on the inside...... anyhow made way up to the stables, and I must admit the ice made the scenery look amazing, it was if someone had thrown a load of diamonds over the fields and the trees, they all just glistened in the moonlight, it was beautiful, once I had done my chores up the yard, I the took rabble for a run around a very cold and frosty field, Queen Smarty Pants not impressed, she looked like one of those Spanish Horses when they lift there legs high of the ground, well that was her, and the pups well, it is the first time they have come across frost being only 5 months old, and they loved it, they were rolling around in at first, then they tried to eat it...... bless, so they had a good run, and then we returned home,well the sparkling trees must have put me in the Christmas spirit, because I decided to put up the tree..... know as you all know I have been in somewhat of a dilemma as to were I was going to put said tree, because of the pups and there paws and the demolishing of things, soooo I purchased a 3ft white tree, with pink and purple baubles, very pretty,  so I put up the tree with the baubles and lights on, stood back to admire it and, crash the whole bloody lot fell down, reason, Queen Smarty Pants and the boy's had decided to have a mental breakdown and start chasing each other around the lounge like raving idiots, Smarty Pants darted behind the stand that the tree was on, and so did Chumleigh, only Chumleigh is a lot bigger than Smarty and didn't make it, so I stood in the middle of the lounge tree on the floor and baubles rolling around, dogs still going berserk, and calmly went and put the kettle on, once all had calmed down, including me, I put it all back up again, got out two beautiful Santa ornaments that my mum had given me and stood them in the fireplace, and then I lit some candles, turned of the lights and stood looking at the tree, I came over all nostalgic......and the tree, when I have to go to work, because it is only 3ft  I can carry it in to the other room and close the door,were the pups can't get at it, sorted. Will have to make a note to oneself, to remember to move it ......

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

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