Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Social Visit..............

Afternoon All,

Frosty start to the morning again this morning, had to de-ice windscreen of truck, although I think it was iced up at about 10.00 last night, well only another 14 sleeps to Christmas Day.......... getting a slight tad panicky now, but I do have the weekend off work, so I will try to get myself sorted, at least my Christmas Cards are all made, so that is one less worry........ well I had the usual start to the day today, only difference being, is that my horse Ace is set to see the dentist, oh dear, Ace like me is not a great fan, when I last had to go to the dentist my mum came with me..... can you believe it I am 56 years old and I had to take my mum with me, will I ever grow up...... I sat in the waiting room and rocked back and forth like a person possessed, yet all the little children are happily sitting and laughing and playing with the toys, wonder if I was like that once....... anyhow I took the pups on a social visit this afternoon when I had finished up at the yard, we all went to Falmouth, to visit my hubby in our shop, and I had to say they were all very pleased to see each other, it's the first time they have visited the shop, and they had there picture taken, by Martin another shop owner in the little mews of shops, and I took the opportunity to do a bit more shopping, well at least I did get the rabble something for Christmas, that was about it, couldn't seem to get any inspiration, I think it was because I felt rushed, as I couldn't leave the rabble with Brian for to long, so we said our goodbye's and returned home, after I had done a few chores I decided to make hubby a syrup sponge, not the most healthiest of sponges, as once the sponge has cooked, and while it is still hot, you slice the sponge while in the tin, then drizzle Golden Syrup into the slices, and it soaks in yummie, so on that note, I am going to love and leave you, as I need a coffee, and the syrup sponge needs to be removed from the tin, and of course I will have to taste it, to make sure it is okay for human consumption....... 

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs 

Below are a couple of pictures I took today when we visited Falmouth, this is the view from the car park just below from where my hubbies shop is situated. In the summer you have the cruise ships stop in the harbour.

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