Friday, 28 December 2012

Not More Chocolate..........

Good Afternoon All,

Are you all recovering from the Christmas Festivities......... and getting yourself ready for the New Year One's, I am working New Year's Eve and New Years Day, so I will partake in a little drink with hubby on Saturday evening, well once again I have had burglars in my craft room, I cannot seem to do any crafting without making a mess, it starts of all tidy, then about 10 mins later I'm searching for things I have only just used, maybe that could be my New Year resolution, to try and be more tidy, and also to give up chocolate, don't now about you but I do get a rather lot of choccies at Christmas, and I say to myself if I limit myself to one a day that will be fine, then I look at the use by date on the bottom, and see that they have to be eaten by Dec 2013, so I say to myself waste not want not, and start eating them by the handful, I actually think I resemble Homer Simpson when he eats a doughnut, Oh well, also I would like try a different craft in 2013, I will still do my card making, I just fancy a change, so any suggestions would be helpful, as I recently mentioned in a previous blog, hubby got me a new guilotine for Christmas, and it also cuts wavy edges, as well as straight, so I may give it a whirl today, when I have done a few things around the house, have been a bit slack on the crafting front, so I will love and leave you all, and will speak again soon.

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs 

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