Friday, 21 December 2012

My Girls.........

Morning All,

Well thought I was in a different country this morning........ woke up to the sound of nothing...... no pitter patter on the windows, and when I looked up at the sky you could actually see stars, but I am told it is not to last, and yes we are back to the rain, oh well it could be worse it could be snowing, and then Britain comes to a standstill, but Hey Ho only 4 more snoozes till the big day...... and I can actually say I have finished, well I have, hubby still has to get a bit of shopping on Christmas Eve, now girls before you start saying Ahh what a lovely man ( which he is ) doing the Christmas shopping and all, I have offered, but hubby breaks out in to a cold sweat, as he says I spend to much when I go shopping, as things just keep jumping off the shelves in to my trolley, I ask you, of all the trolleys in the supermarket,  they just keep jumping in to mine...... so I am banded from shopping, As you now I  met up with my Daughters last night, for a coffee and a chat, and tried to get them to pose for a sensible photo, but needless to say that went out of the window....... so the photos below are probably going to be the most sensible I will get, but I can be just as bad, wonder where they get it from...... but it was nice to chat and my eldest daughter Sarah, the one with the long dark hair, has just passed another one of her exams, she is training to be a Theatre Practitioner so well done Sarah never had any doubts that you wouldn't, well all, I am going to love and leave you, as I have work for the next 3 days, so will speak soon.
Best Wishes 
Suzy B
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Hazel, Teresa and Sarah. Why Can't My Girls be serious for one minute.......

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