Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rock Cakes...........

Good Morning All......
Hope you are all well, I have been away from my desk for a few day's work an all, got this weekend off, then back in tomorrow, this is my last weekend of now till after Christmas, so I have got to make the most of it, I did get quite a bit done yesterday, even though I had a few things to attend to in the afternoon, I wrapped a few pressies, and did some cards, so I was quite pleased, today I will hopefully finish what I have here, and make a note to ones-self of the the things I have yet to do, so I will be busy busy busy, must tell all about my cake....... Wednesday I thought I would make hubby a nice fruit cake, put all the ingredients in a bowl, had a lovely mixture added the fruit, and placed in the oven to bake...... set the timer and settled myself in my craft room, timer went off cake looking and smelling lovely, felt quite pleased with myself, you see cooking is really not my strong point.... hubby came in from work, and I proudly showed him the fruit cake, later that evening I cut hubby a slice, and I must admit it was quite firm to cut....... but he ate it and I thought all must be well, so I placed another rather large slice in his lunch for the next day, when hubby came in that evening, he said that my cake was quite hard, when he bit in to it, and rather chewy, hmmm he never said anything the night before, when questioned he said it was firm but not as hard as it was today, but hubby being hubby and not wanting to hurt my feelings,  said he would have it with custard, as it might soften it......... well when hubby had gone in to the lounge I decided to taste what all the fuss was about, so I cut a small piece, and argh it was horrible it was like chewing cement with fruit in...... so I rather swiftly put it on the bird table for the birds, well later that evening Toby came in from the garden and dropped what I thought was a stone on to the kitchen floor, when I went to investigate, guess what it was it was the dreaded cake, not even the birds had eaten any, and neither would the pups and you know labs they normally eat anything, so it turned out to be a bloody disaster, so to make amends to hubby I made him a syrup sponge, and yes, that did turn out to be edible........ well I am going to love and leave you on that note, as hubby is the attic trying to repair a loose slate on our roof, maybe we should have saved the fruit cake, as I'm sure that would have helped with the repair.........

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

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