Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nearly Came A Cropper........

Good Afternoon All,

Well what a dismal day it is here in Cornwall, raining and very grey, and am told it is getting worse tomorrow, well guy's Christmas Day is nearly upon us........ hope you are all sorted...... me nearly, only got a bit more to do, so I am starting to relax a bit...... well today up at the yard, we were going to have some games, on our horse's with Christmas music playing on the load speakers...... I spent some time grooming my boy this morning, getting him ready for the festivities, and he looked beautiful his coat was shining and being black it really showed, I oiled his hooves, he was looking very smart, went into the school mounted, and of we went, first game was statues, when the music stopped we had to stop, he did really well, then we had to take the reins and the crop in one hand and trot to the back of the ride with our other hand on our head.... started of alright then George Michael started singing, and Ace did the most huge buck, luckily I stayed on, so started again, this time Ace rodeos across the school, and I thought this is it I am going on to the floor, but luckily I managed to pull Ace up with me hanging on to his neck, once stopped I straightened myself up and started of again, but by this time Ace was so excited  we were sent down the end of the school to try and calm down, but needless to say it did not work, so unfortunately we had to withdraw from the games with Ace snorting like a bloody Dragon, Anne was laughing and said he obviously was not a fan of George Michael's last Christmas, then at 10.30 we had to go back in to the school, for a bit of a social gathering and of course the music was playing Christmas tunes, and Anne came in with a tray of Mince pies and clotted cream, and some warm mulled wine, it was great we all chatted away and sang to some of the songs playing, I must admit the Mulled wine went down a treat, as all of us were soaking wet, I did say to Anne maybe Ace should have had some mulled wine at the beginning, or better still me.....below are some pics I took and we are not looking very glamorous, in our wet weather gear with hair sticking to our faces, but hey it's Christmas and anything goes...... I'm of out tonight with some of the guy's from work, for our Christmas meal so will take some more pics, so bye for now........

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Oh Dear Anne Means Business Off Comes the Coat

Richard and his Daughter Maisie

All Waiting for the Grub

My Mate Mary what a Poser

We decided the Shadow on my shoulder was my Beloved Dazzle just letting me now she is still with me, as it does not appear in any of the others only when I was on my own.

Julie and Myself before the Mulled Wine

The Gang Stuffing there Faces

Richard Emma and Maisie

All with there Mouths Full

Sarah and her Dad

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