Saturday, 29 December 2012

Retail Therapy........

Good Evening Guys,

Hope all is well, what a lousy day weather wise that is, here in Cornwall, raining stair rods today, the fields up the stables are now resembling lakes, I have never known them so bad, horses were unable to go out today, owing to the fact the hunt was out........ now I am against hunting, but have been told they do not actually hunt foxes, they call it ragging what ever that means, anyhow Ace was unable to go out, not that  I would of anyway, due to the weather, I'm sure he tried to hide this morning, when he saw me, probably thought he was going out, bless him, if he had to live out on the moors he would not survive spoilt  brat that he is, rugged up for all weathers when he does go out, and in his pyjamas in a warm stable at night, but then I would not have it any other way, So my time up at the stables was short, so on the way home I popped into my mum's to give her some flowers, then went home for a hot shower, I have had quite a constructive day today, I have spent most of it putting items on my site on Amazon, which I have neglected a bit lately, then I popped in to town for a spot of retail therapy, primarily I went in to get some repositional adhesive, from the little craft shop in Camborne, but unfortunately she did not have any, and I couldn't come out empty handed now could I........ so I purchased a couple of die-cuts for my cutting machines, and some lovely cardstock that resembles leather, in black, purple, lilac, bournville chocolate and beige, so I will have some fun with that, I also wanted to pop in to a huge sewing shop that has just opened in Redruth, but it is closed until New Year, which was a shame, but will pop in another time, maybe my mum would like to have a look around, only as I previously mentioned in another blog, I fancy doing something different in 2013, but still in keeping with crafting, now I like unusual clothes, something that is a bit different, but can never find what I want, so I might have a go at buying plain tops, and adding my own style to them, only I love colours, and odd shapes and ribbon, so I am going to embellish them, I have a sewing machine that is lying dormant at the moment, so why not I can only but try, also I thought I would make my own material card embellishments, so I can't wait to go to the sewing shop and see the lovely fabrics, anyhow I will keep you posted on that one, well am going to love and leave you, as I need to play with my new Craft Toys I purchased today, will speak again soon,

Best Wishes 
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

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