Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Time for Thermals.......

Good Evening All,

Well, what a chilly old day, it is beginning to feel like winter....... even the showers we have had today have been like ice , and it actually stung my face, so I have been wrapped up in waterproofs for most of the morning, don't now about you but I don't mind the cold when it's dry, but when it's raining it just makes me want to go home and sit beside the fire with a steaming mug of soup,  which by the way is what I did when I got back from the yard this afternoon, this morning my horse went crazy when I was taking him out to the field, we have to walk down a lane to get to my field, and on both sides there are horses, well today they all just decided to start galloping around the fields, I think it was the chill in the air and plus it was windy, well Ace started to buck and canter on the spot, he was snorting like a bloody dragon and I was trying my hardest to hang on to the lead rope, but I was just getting dragged around like a rag doll, well he reared up and I had no choice but to let go, and he galloped of down the lane, the other horses were still charging around the fields, he then turned and started to gallop back towards me, and I had no choice but to stand in the middle of the lane shouting at him, in the hopes that he would stop and not trample me, only at the end of the lane is a road, and I did not want him going on to it, so I stood there with my arms outstretched in the hopes he would stop, and fortunately he did, so I grabbed hold of his lead rope again, by this time the owner of the yard Anne had heard all the shouting, and came out and helped me put him in the field, excitement over I went and had a well earned coffee, mind you I could have done with a brandy after that, On my return home I decided to do some crafting, and entered a couple of card challenges, and was very pleased with my creations, yesterday I actually made some family members there Christmas Cards, so I have been quite busy...... hopefully this evening I will make a few more Christmas Cards for friends, but before I do anything I am going to dig out my thermals ready for the coming weather.....

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs 

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