Saturday, 8 December 2012

Coke Sniffing Dog.........

A Very Chilly Good Morning to you All,

Well another cold day here in Cornwall, Last night when I left work I thought I would wake up to a blanket of snow, although I must say the only blanket I wanted to see this morning was my duvet...... Toby last night, well talk about snore, I thought we were being raided by a JCB Digger, it was that bad, when I told hubby this morning, he said he didn't hear anything, which is unusual, because Brian can normally hear a pin drop..... anyhow, had a bit of lie in this morning right up until 6.45, not bad eh, Brian went up the yard for me today to sort Ace out, but I must tell you about yesterday....... I am so glad the drug's squad were not about...... came home lunchtime yesterday, from work, to feed the rabble and take them for a run on the fields, everything seemed okay when I opened the front door, then they all came to greet me, and wait for it Toby looked like he had been snorting cocaine, ( by the way not that I now what a dog looks like who's been snorting drugs) he had a white powdery  substance up his nostrils and all over his nose, he looked quite cute actually, when I went in to the kitchen, I saw what the substance was....... I had left the Splender sugar on the kitchen table, and it looked like it had been snowing in my kitchen, it was everywhere, so spent most of my lunch hour hoovering, but I suppose in one way I did get my blanket of snow......... off to work soon so will speak again soon, take care, and mum if you are reading this LOVE YOU LOADS ALWAYS XXXXXXXXX see you Monday.

Best Wishes
Suzy B
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