Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sweet Nothing.......

Hi Guys, Hope all ok with you......It's another soggy day here in Cornwall, everywhere you look there are puddles, some as big as lakes...... and they say when it stops raining it's going to get colder and maybe freeze great..... oh well roll on summer...... anyhow, me I have done sweet nothing, yes I mean sweet nothing...... I have course work coming out of my ears, and a craft room screaming for attention, what is wrong with me.... have I lost the motivation cell in my brain, because that's what it feels like, I go into my craft room, and just stand in the doorway, looking at all the die cutting machines, card stock, embellishments, believe you me it's not because I have a shortage of crafting materials, my room is overflowing with stuff, half finished projects, die-cut frames and flowers, maybe I should get hubby to lock me in there one evening that way I might get on with it...... when I get up in the morning I am full of energy, go up the yard sort my boy out, ride him in the school, take dogs for a good run around the fields, on the return to home, I do some house work, get tea ready, by the time I have done all that my energy levels are zilch...... and all I want to do is sit and relax with a coffee on the sofa, watching.... get this Create and Bloody Craft, thinking to myself I really should be doing some of that myself, not sitting here watching other people doing it...... maybe I should get myself a tonic, one of those for the over fifties, because I am over fifty, perhaps I am being to hard on myself, as I am no spring chicken after all...... so I know I keep saying it.... but hubby is watching the footie on Wednesday, so that be the ideal time to lock myself away in my craft room, and try to get myself motivated, I can only but try........

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

This is a Card I made about 3 weeks ago when I was Motivated.....

Materials Used

8 by 8 Scalloped Edged White Base Card with matching envelope 
2ins wide Christmas ribbon
Spellbinder Tag Die Used for layering
X cut triangle die used for Christmas Tree
Gold Textured card 250gsm
Christmas Sentiment from my own stash
Main image from Pantheon Arts and Graphics CD Rom 

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