Monday, 12 November 2012

Birthday Girl.....

Good Afternoon All,

I am back at my desk, after four hectic days....... three of which I was working, ahh and on Friday I had a family Funeral, so I am hopefully back on track this week, well it is my eldest daughter Sarah's Fortieth Birthday today, were has the time gone.... it only seems like yesterday she was starting school, now she is a mother herself, anyhow I rang her this morning and she sounds dreadful, full of cold bless her, so I think she is going to be pampered a bit today hopefully, not sure what her children have planned for her, my grandson Michael is 21 so I am sure he will think of something, and  we are planning to go and have a spa day sometime soon, 
so looking forward to that, have not done any crafting ....... and I am beginning to get with drawl symptoms , but have the weekend of work, so I plan to spend Sunday crafting, fingers crossed, I  also need to do a bit of shopping this week, for Christmas, so hopefully Wednesday I will hit the shops, it's all go..... I did receive some good news on Thursday, I have passed my Safe Handling of Medication Level 2, so I am able to give out the medication at work, so am pleased about that, I seem to be doing more exams now that I did when I was at school,  better late than never.... anyhow I have just heard the kettle calling, and I had better answer him, before he boils over, so will  speak again tomorrow take care all,

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

My Beautiful Daughter Sarah Louise

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