Friday, 2 November 2012

Rubber Gloves.....

My Quote for October

Good Afternoon All,

Hope all is well with you, the weather here in Cornwall is freezing, on the way to the yard this morning my temp Gage in my truck read 5 degrees, I was so cold I took a hot water bottle with me, yes I do have a heater in my truck, it's just I find a hot water bottle is so comforting, anyhow apart from the weather it's not been to bad, except for the pups that is, I think they have a thing for rubber gloves, on the past two mornings they have managed to get my Marigolds from the draining board in my kitchen, and completely demolished them, Toby actually greeted me at the door with a yellow finger in his mouth, bit of a give away there I think, I just don't know were they are getting all the other things I am finding in the middle of floor, I have never seen half the stuff, unless they are going into my neighbour Bill's and pinching it from his house and bringing it back into ours, if we didn't have a six foot fence between the garden I would probably think that was the case........ so I am stumped, so they have been in my bad books twice this week, God knows what they are doing with my socks, I am finding it very difficult finding a matching pair, but hey ho isn't it supposed to be the rage at the moment to wear odd socks, if so I am way up there with the hip young people of today......and to cap it all, I looked out of the kitchen window this afternoon, to find Toby hanging on to the end of a towel that was on the line......oh well that is one of the many joys of owning animals, and no matter how down you are feeling, they always manage to make you smile......

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

With Love

Materials Used

Base Card Cream Linen size C5 with matching envelope,
papers for layering from K & Co,
Black card sock using for layering and dragonflies,
Black organza ribbon,
Dark burgundy paper rose
Two red brads
Image from Pantheon Arts and Graphics

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