Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas Spirit.......

Good Morning All.

What A grey start to the day, up early this morning as I am in to work..... so lots to do before I go, rabble have been going mad this morning, I think they know it's nearly Christmas..... and are getting excited about Santa coming, Hubby got them one of those Christmas stockings each last night, when he went shopping, and he never buys anything till the last minute..... maybe he is getting caught up in the Christmas spirit......Hmm not so sure about that one, me well I was supposed to go Christmas shopping this week, and guess what..... I never went, keep putting it off I will have to go soon, as Christmas will be over and I will have nothing, maybe not a bad idea, God I sound like the Grinch, when in actual fact I quite like Christmas, my favourite day being Christmas Eve, I love it the smell of the baking mince pies, and Christmas puds, candles flickering in hand painted holders, I love it, In a bit of a quandary this year as to were to put the Christmas tree..... as the pups are still demolishing anything they can get there paws on.....I think it's a lab thing, so the tree is going to be a great new toy for them, unless I can suspend it from the ceiling some how, oh well sure I can work something out, could always have it in the bathroom !!!!!!!!!!
Well have to love and leave you need my caffeine intake before work, so take care all speak again soon.

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

These are some more things, I have designed to use in my card making hope you like them.
I call them my Miniature Vintage Cameos, have used the spellbinder dies to cut them out.

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