Sunday, 4 November 2012

Poetry in Motion........

Good Morning All,

Yes it is only 6.00 in the morning, and I was going to have a lie in, but the pups thought differently,
well this weather does not seem to know what to do, here in Cornwall we have had sun, rain, hail, what's next I wonder, and it's pretty dam chilly.
Well I had a great day yesterday, spent the whole day up at the yard, left hubby rabble sitting, we had the brilliant Mary King, up at the yard yesterday, to open the new school, we have just had built, and she was amazing, anybody who read's this and is in to horses, will know what I mean, I was lucky enough to see her at the Olympics this year, when our equestrian team won the silver medal, she arrived in this huge lorry, how she managed to get it down the windy lanes in Constantine I don't know......anyhow she arrived at the yard, the new school was packed with spectators, and we had front row seats, one of the perks of being livery at Bosvathick Riding School. She brought two of her amazing horses with her Temptress, and of course the amazing Imperial Cavalier, the won she rode at the Olympics, we were in awe of her, what she did with those horses, was amazing and she made it look so effortless, at half time she asked if anybody had any questions, she talked to the crowd the whole time she was riding, after the break she came in to the arena on Imperial Cavalier, he was magnificent, it brought tears to my eyes, he stood so proud, and then she jumped these quite large jumps, and he seemed to just glide over them, it was a wonderful sight. At the end she had a book signing, of her new Autobiography, and her mum was with her, who turns out to be the driver of her huge lorry, while I was waiting to get my book I chatted to her mum for a while, who actually does not like horse's and never has, she will not even bring one in from the fields on her own, and I did get to hold the silver medal that Mary won at the Olympics, and tell you what it was heavy, it had a wonderful angel on it, then it got to my turn for a book, and Mary asked if I had enjoyed the show, and if she had explained things to us clearly, and also if I had learned anything, to which I replied, yes I wish I had started riding at a younger age, Mary replied you are never to old, and to follow you're dreams...... she signed my book,
In the Memory of Dazzle Best Wishes Mary King.

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

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