Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Three Legged Chair .........................

Good Afternoon Readers,
It's a grey old day here in Cornwall, has been for the last couple of day's, never mind..... well all the things I had planned to do at the weekend went out of the window, nobodies fault no great catastrophes, not the end of the world, but me little ole me, I had these great ideas last week, to go Christmas shopping, didn't happen, and to get down to some serious crafting at the weekend, once again didn't happen ...... why I keep asking myself didn't you just get of your backside and get on with it ....... and I just can't give a reason, I just did not feel like doing anything, apart from looking after my horse and of course the rabble, oh yes and not forgetting hubby, and going to work ..... Saturday I met my friend Sherry, ( ah I did get a couple of Christmas Presents maybe I could class that as my Christmas Shopping Hmm)  and we had a drink well a couple actually, and sat talking about everything and anything, we also booked our Christmas Dinner which will be on the  19th of December, with a few friends from work, and on Sunday after I did my chores up at the stables, I came home did a little bit around the house, and I mean a little bit, then sat with hubby and watched a couple of films, and it was great, although at one small moment, I did feel a bit guilty, especially when I think of the crafting material I have in my craft room.... but the guilt did not last long, especially when the second film started, so this week I am not going to make any plans to do anything, that way I can't disappoint myself, but before I go I must tell you a funny story..... in my craft room I had one of those wicker chairs with the wooden legs, which my pups at one time thought was great to chew the legs of..... and the one at the back was getting thinner and thinner, needless to say hubby sat on the chair one morning and yes you've guessed it, the chair collapsed and hubby ended up on the floor, unfortunately I was not there to see it, probably just as well, as we would have both ended up on the floor........ Ah yes also if you have been reading my blog you will see I am in a bit of a dilemma as to were to put my Christmas Tree this year, because of said pups chewing all they can get there grubby little paws on, when hubby came up with the idea of, how about in next door...... great help,
Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Hope This Brings A Smile to Your Face

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