Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Well Nearly Did It Again........

Good Afternoon All.

Hope you are all well, weather the last couple of day's has not been to bad, cold but at least dry, if while reading this blog you notice more spelling mistakes than usual, it's because Queen Smarty Pants is sitting on my lap with her head on the edge of the computer keyboard, refusing to sit any were else, even though I have tried......anyhow yesterday I was working, so the rabble had to stay home alone ahhhh bless, so I went home at lunchtime to feed them and let them out in to the garden, even though they come and go as they please through the flap we have in the back door, greeted as usual, and quite shocked when I found they had not demolished all they could there paws on.....Hmmm which in it's self is rather suspect, so got there feed bowls out, to give them dinner, and happened to notice that Chumleigh was looking rather fat and Toby who is smaller in statue anyway also looking rather portly, by the way Queen Smarty Pants was also on the round side, then I noticed why, they had managed to open the door to the room were the food is kept, there food that is, and they had a whale of time munching on the sack of food that was in needless to say no dinner was given, and also a quick phone call to hubby, to say do not give them any tea, so when I left to go back to work I left behind three disgruntled dogs, I am sure as I left I heard Chumleigh ask Queen Smarty Pants if she knew the phone number to the RSPCA. Anyway all feed routines are resumed today. Well anybody who has been reading my blog, will know that I had to have my beloved horse Dazzle put to sleep last week, I am lucky enough to still have my boy Ace, but today up at the yard, Sarah said she was selling her horse Jay Jay, so my mind started to buzz, shall I ask hubby if I can have him, would I be able to afford to buy him, my mind was racing, but then I thought hang on nothing would ever be the same as Dazzle, I trusted her with my life, I did ask my hubby, but deep down I knew what he would say, but I had to ask anyway, and while I was thinking things through in my head, I made a decision to do some dressage with my boy, after all the great Mary King told me you are never to old... and getting back to buying Jay Jay, don't worry mum, I won't but I did come close to breaking my promise to you..... 

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Materials Used

6 by 6 Square Card with matching envelope
the whole design has been done by using, 
The Best of My Craft Studio Christmas CD Rom
Maine image has been die cut with a Spellbinder Frame Die Cut

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