Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lack of Motivation......

Good Afternoon All,

Well the weather is much better today here in Cornwall, yesterday it was that misty rain that everybody is know calling mizzle, so left a note for hubby to put washing on the line, of which he obliged, but I know I should not complain.... but don't know about you, but are you fussy about how your washing is hung on the line or is it just me..... I have to have three pegs on towels one each corner and one in the middle, trousers have to be hung from the waste, and tops and shirts are hung from the bottom, well I got home from the yard and had to go straight out in to the garden and re hang my washing..... but he did try bless him, took the rabble for there morning run up at the stables today, and they were chasing the ball around the field as per usual, when all of a sudden Chumleigh let out this almighty howl, I went running across the field, and bless him he had caught his tail on the electric fence, and he did look sorry for himself, but after a lot of fuss he was soon charging (excuse the pun) across the field again, returned back to the Wendy house and had a cuppa with girls, after I had rode my boy Ace, I finished my chores at the yard and returned home, with all good intentions....but as all good intentions go, my went by the by, I need to get myself motivated, but just can't seem to do it, maybe it's a faze I'm going through at the moment, (she say's) sitting at her computer with a mug of coffee and a biscuit....when I should be doing oh so many other things, like making my Christmas cards, I think I have made about 5, only about another twenty to go, and how long is it till Christmas, so I am going to love and leave you all, and nip over to Tesco's to see if they sell bags of motivation and if so I wonder if it is double points......

Best Wishes 
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Traditional Christmas

Materials Used
8by8 Card with matching envelope
Christmas Ribbon
Spellbinder Frame Die
Spellbinder Triangle Frame used as a Tree
Sparkles Glitter in red used on the tree
Image is from a cd rom by Pantheon Art

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