Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sunburn in November.......

Good afternoon  all

Well it's a glorious day here in Cornwall today, mainly blue sky, with a dotting of grey clouds, and so warm.... when I left the house at 06.10 this morning, my temp gauge in my truck was reading 11 degrees, what's happening to the weather, or is the calm before the storm I wonder, last week on AOL, they were giving out weather warnings, snow ice etc..... I was sat outside up at the yard this morning, and I have actually caught the sun on my face, so I am looking rather healthy, which is why I wonder, I had a rather lovely compliment today, you see I had to go to the doctors, to pick up a prescription for hubby, and went to the chemist to collect it, gave the prescription to the pharmacist, and as she walked away, I asked her if she would like me to pay for it now, to which she replied, you don't need to pay for your prescription as Mr Bridesmith is 60, which he was in June, ( oh dear )so we then started to talk about other things, that you don't pay for any more once you reach the ripe young age of 60, she said I should get my dad to enquire about his TV licence, well I just stood there, I had just left the yard, rather dishevelled  looking, hair raked back in a headband no makeup on, so I  said to the nice young lady behind the counter, that Mr Bridesmith was in actual fact my husband and not my dad, and that I was 56, well the poor girl went red as a beetroot, and was so apologetic, and could not believe I was as old as I had informed her, well as you can imagine, I left the chemist with a spring in my step, came home and of course told Brian he need not pay for his medication anymore ( he is an asthmatic) which he was pleased about, and of course I had to tell him what the pharmacist said, well I know it was a bit a mean, but it may never happen again......

Best Wishes
Suzy B
Dazzling Ace Designs

Thought I would share something different with you all today, and show one of my creations that I have just designed, I am hopefully going to incorporate them in my card making this weekend, they are miniature postcards. 

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