Wednesday, 3 April 2013

There's a Rat in the Kitchen.......

Good Evening All,

A bit of a late blog today, I have been driven out of my house........... went up the yard as per usual this morning, and returned home, entered the kitchen, to see Pipaplup sat in the middle of the kitchen floor.... nothing unusual there........ then Smarty Pants came in and started going crazy, charging around the kitchen, trying to get behind the washing machine, and I just happened to glance at the kitchen window sill....... shriek........ sat there was a rat yes a rat, well I do not like rat's not one little bit, rang hubby in a frenzy, broom in one hand phone in the other, jumping up and down like a looney...... hubby trying  so hard to give me words of encouragement, that were not making a blind bit of difference to my shrieking frenzy....... so after a while, and lots of banging on the washing machine, cupboard doors, windows ect ect  which seemed like a lifetime , just as well we are semi detached, and Bill next door had gone away, otherwise I am sure I would have had the police knocking at my door, for causing a disturbance....... I saw the said rat, run under the table towards the back door, by the time I had got round the corner it had vanished....... hopefully out of the back door....... our house backs on to an open field, and on numerous occasions Pipaplup has brought a live mouse in to the kitchen, but never a live rat, dead ones yes alive no...... I was going to make up a survival kit, and camp out in my craft room until hubby returned home,and not come out until he had checked behind the washing machine, but decided to go and visit my daughter, and my grandson instead, which turned out a very nice afternoon.......PS hubby has just pulled the kitchen apart no sign of the rat, Hooray......

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