Thursday, 4 April 2013

One Leg Longer Than The Other..........

Good Afternoon All,

Well after yesterday's stress which I am still having nightmares about........ the day has been good so far...... up to the yard as per usual, riding lesson went very well, but I have found out today the I have one leg slightly longer than the other....... not much, but noticeable when I was riding with no stirrups, evidently common with a lot of people  and they never notice it..... anyhoo, left yard and went to see my Mum, who's back is still not quite right, had a coffee and chat, told her about my ordeal yesterday, and how I think I am going to need therapy, Mum said I was over exaggerating  slightly, my Mum did not see the size of the rat, it was on the return to home I went in to the kitchen armed with a broom....... but yes the rat has gone, unless it laying in wait outside in the garden, plotting it's return....... also popped in to Tesco on the way home and purchased some cute little Easter Chicks and Rabbits.........25p a box bargain...... bit late for this Easter, but ideal for the next one, as long as I can remember were I put them...... have also put up eight listings on E-Bay this afternoon Yippeee, 

My Cute Little Bargain Chicks and Bunnies.....

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