Friday, 5 April 2013

Hooray Hooray It's A Holiday, Well It Will Be Tomorrow........

Good Morning All,

Well at the mo it's a sunny morning here in Cornwall, hopefully it will last the day, I am off to work shortly...... but at Nine tonight I am on holiday for two whole weeks........ not going anywhere, but just nice to be able to relax..... and catch up on things, especially on the crafting front, and I must sort out my craft room ....... I keep putting it of, and then get annoyed because I can't find what I am looking for, I need to get some sort of order in the chaos that is my craft room..... apart from that I am just going to see what the day's bring....... it's just the thought of no 12 hour shift's for two weeks......well better get things sorted for work, hope you all have a great Saturday, take care, speak again soon, God willing.......

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  1. Suzy. Have a wonderful Holiday. its lovely just to be able to get up when yuo feel like it and not have to worry about work,Hugs


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