Friday, 5 April 2013

A Staple Diet !!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon All,

Well it's a lovely sunny day here in Cornwall, but still on the chilly side....... according to AOL, we are heading for a heatwave in April.......  they do mean in England don't they....... anyhoo, I have been plugging away at my E-Bay store today, still along way to go..... but I am on holiday for two weeks after tomorrow, yipee..... so will have quite a bit of time to sort things out, got some good news via an e-mail, this morning, I have passed my first unit in the paper craft diploma I am doing at the mo, so on to unit two..... well I have been so engrossed with my computer today, that I forgot about lunch....not just for me, but for the rabble, it was only when Toby came in to me with a Cappuccino wrapper from a coffee I had made earlier, and what was left of an old teddy of there's, that I realized  I had not feed them, or me, so rabble have now been fed and me, well, I have had a coffee and a biscuit.......
not what you would call a staple diet.......

Hmm I think I should perhaps start to eat more healthy..........

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  1. Congrats on your diploma and have a fabulous vacation



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