Saturday, 8 March 2014

Wrestling !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon Again Peeps,

Well the weather is still glorious, I was not dreaming after all... well have done the chores I set out to do and some !!!! I have certainly had a good workout today,  changed the bedding, washed the dogs bedding, you name it if it wasn't nailed down it's gone in the washing machine, 
the dog's have driven me berserk!!!! have any of you tried to put a king's size duvet cover on to the duvet with two rather large Black Labs and a scatty Border Terrier trying to get in to it as well !!!! They all thought it was a great game, me not so much,
so sent them all downstairs to go out in to the garden, when said duvet was in it's rightful position on the bed !!!!, went out in the garden with the rabble with a coffee, it was so warm out of the wind, I cannot remember when I last sat out in the warm sun, it feels ages ago ...... so I sat there looking around the garden, and noticed some little plants that I have never had before..... so I took a couple of pics and made a layout with them..... the large red bloom is from a bush i have had in my garden for a long time.... I was meant to be spending some time in the shop with hubby today, but we changed it for Tuesday, I'm so glad we did.....


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