Sunday, 16 March 2014

Morning Glory .....

Good Afternoon Peeps,
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, it's rather on the chilly side today in my little corner of Cornwall.... certainly not sunbathing weather, well came back from the yard this morning to find Hubby out in the back garden, he is on a tidying  mission at the mo, so the garden looks more untidy than it did before he started !!!!  I'm sure he know's what he is doing.... so left him out there merrily banging and crashing about.... me I came indoors and made a coffee... on the way up to the yard this morning I did take some pictures of the beautiful sky.... I always carry my camera around with me, for those special moments.... and I am rather partial to a dramatic skyline, so I decided to do a layout with them, what do you think......

Recipe for My Design
8 by 8 White Base Card
Images I took This Morning
Digital Elements used from Digi Kit
Fall Splendour  

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