Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bang Goes My Lie In !!!!!!!

Morning Peeps,
Hope you are all well, this fine Tuesday morning !!!!!,
First of all I would like to welcome Denise to my blog, Hello Denise thank you for stopping by, I hope you will pop back from time to time ,
Well as my regular readers will now, I have not been feeling that great the last couple of day's, took last night of work, but back in tonight, so Hubby was sorting Ace ( my horse ) out for me this morning, so I could have a proper lie in !!!!!! well you know what they say about the best layed plans...... well how true, I was in the land of nod, when hubby came crashing in to the bedroom at 06.25 switched the main light on, and called me..... so I awoke with a start as you do, to see hubby standing in the doorway, telling me that Chumleigh one of my Black Lab,s had cut his paw, so on arriving downstairs I was welcomed with what looked like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.... blood all up the hall, and hubby sitting in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around Chums paw..... sooo Chums paw was plunged into a bowel of warm rather salty water, then it was a question of what to do next, so talk about improvisation.... out came some tubigrip to wrap around said cut, then what to stick it with, so out came the gaffer tape, then what to put on to keep dry so out came the cling film...... Job done, how he did it we will never know, so after the mass clean up and panic over Chum is looking rather indignant over his new footwear, and me I still fell like rubbish and bang goes my lie in......
I did take a couple of pics of Chum with his new footwear, and made a layout....
I found this great new digi kit supplier Retro Desigining
and purchased this kit Vintage Whimsy

Recipe for My Design
5 by 5 Ultra Smooth White Base Card
I wanted to colour co-ordinate my design with the colour tones of my lounge which are neutral tones, so I used the copper and brown elements from the Vintage Whimsy Digi Kit
Sentiments my own and computer generated,
Images are of my Black Lab Chumleigh 

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  1. This is awesome! I would love to make one with my boxers! Judith did talk to me a bit about the digital layouts. it seems that I will need a program to work with. Something for me to look into. I would love to try it out! Have a great day.


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