Saturday, 8 March 2014

Shhhhh Is Spring Here .......

Good Morning Peeps,
The weather here in my little corner of Cornwall today is gorgeous..... the sun is shining and there is a light wind ..... glorious, did not spend long up at the yard today, one, because Saturday's are very busy with riding lessons etc, which also means loads of children, which goes hand in hand with noise ..... so I put Ace out in the fields with his mate Whisper to bask in this glorious sunshine ..... had a quick coffee and a chat with the girls and then jumped in my truck to go home, the second reason I left early is to make the most of the weather, as I wanted to strip the bed and catch up on some housework.....everything seems to be dustier when the sun shines!!!!  but before I returned home I popped in to a charity shop on the outskirts of Camborne, 
to inquire after a painting I had
seen in the window....  I may not do ornaments, but I do love paintings or prints, and have quite a few scattered around the walls of my house, it was  only just opening so stroke of luck, painting still in the window, and an even bigger stroke of luck, it was reduced from £20.00 down to £8.00, for a quick sale, the shop is only tiny, and the painting is approx 4ft long by 3ft wide and took up most of the window, the poor gentleman working in there had an awful job trying to get it out of the window display without breaking the china and glass that 
was surrounding it ..... so I came away a very happy bunny, once back indoors I dusted my Painting and took out in to the sunshine to take a photo for all to see, there is a slight bit of wear and tear, but to me it is still gorgeous, and as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder !!!!!!
Right well I am off to tackle some of the said chores will speak again later......

My Beauties


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  1. Its lovely Sue, what a bargain too.
    Enjoy my friend xx
    Hugs Mau xx


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