Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Great Nan at 57 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon readers,
Well it's quite a nice day here in my little corner of Cornwall....... there is no rain or
 wind at the moment !!!!!! , well up the yard with the lark's this morning, put Ace out in his field today, hasn't been out the last couple of day's what with the weather and all...... had a chat and a coffee with the girls, then went delivering my Easter Eggs, yes I know Easter is not here yet...... but at least it is done and dusted ...... and was told by my Daughter Sarah, that I am going to be a great Nannie !!!!!!, my Grandson Micheal (23) and his partner are expecting a baby, Fantastic news, but I am only 57 years young, when I was little I can remember my great Nan having grey hair, Ok yes I know I have the ODD grey one coming through, but joking aside I wish all the Happiness in the world for the two of them, so upon leaving Sarah, I went down to my Mum and told her the good news that she was going to be a Great Great Nan, 
and my Mum is only 75..... so had a coffee and a chat with my Mum, before returning home ..... to check on my challenge blogs, and my new one  Completely Christmas has already had a couple of entries...... I then decided to enter the challenge over at Lunar Girl Moonbeams I have already entered it, but thought I would do another one for it......Well I am off to make a coffee, so what ever you are doing
 this weekend stay safe..... will speak again tomorrow God willing.....

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  1. Thanks for joining my Goddess blog challenge at! We need a Goddess of Night in every goddess gathering. I love your purple and silver color palette.

  2. And also.... congratulations on your news!

  3. I like this, the image and colors make this a dramatic and cool design!

  4. Congratulations, great nan!! Love this composition x


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