Friday, 7 March 2014

Best Friends.... Not Likely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon Peeps....
The weather here in my little corner of Cornwall has gradually got better as the day has progressed, 
and the start of another weekend is looming, do you have anything planned..... me, I am going to spend some time tomorrow with hubby at our shop ..... told him my hourly rate is very competitive ..... to which he just mumbled something incoherent, ( only joking not really going to charge an hourly rate !!!!) reason for going down is that hubby has had a load of books delivered and they need sorting out, which usually means one for the shop and one for me.....  and hubby can not do this in the shop so it has to be done upstairs, 
reason for me going, so should be fun !!!!!
Apart from that have not made any plans, will take each day as it comes, I am on holiday for the next 10 days so really do not want to plan anything, just going to chill and catch up on a few things.... well as my regular viewers will know, Chums one of my Black Labs cut his paw on Monday .... well I ended up taking him to the vet's, as I was not happy with the fact it kept bleeding ..... well Mr Usher ( name of vet) was very impressed with my bandaging, and said to remind him never to play pass the parcel with me ...... so after getting and electric saw and a blow torch out to remove my bandage ...... Mr Usher examined Chums paw, placed another bandage on it gave me some antibiotics and told me to leave it wrapped up for 72 hrs,  gave me a bill for £35.00 and told me not to worry, they say you can't put a price on piece of mind are you sure about that !!!!!!
Below is a couple of pics that I took of my three Cats, Morticia, Pipalup and The Greyone, I had to take one as they are
 NEVER this friendly, so I was amazed when I saw them all sitting on there cushion in front of the radiator...
maybe like me they are mellowing in there old age, hang on a min I think I just saw a pig fly by !!!!!!
Will speak again soon God willing....

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