Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bleach and Jeyes Fluid Not A Good Mix ......

Good Morning Peeps,
Well it looks like it is going to be a nice day today in my little corner of Cornwall..
The sun has just started to poke his head out, Well I had the chance of a lie in this morning !!! a proper one, and did I, nope just laid there thinking of what I could be doing.... today I am going to to the Docs for a check up, and going out this morning with my daughter Teresa, for a coffee and a mooch 
around town, I am going to buy some Acrylic paints as we have quite a few white tiles, that I would to paint some Fairies on, which I am really looking forward to... so hubby said he would go and sort my horse Ace out to give me a chance of that lie in.... so when hubby left I decided to wash the front door.... and the garden path, and the hall tiles..... and used a solution of bleach and jeyes fluid for the front door and the garden path, and blimey is it strong, so I do NOT recommend it.... I even went the whole hog and tipped it down the outside drains..... I opened up the windows, but the smell is coming in, but at least it smells clean!!!!!,I hung the picture I purchased the other day and  also washed all  my mirrors, as I do have a penchant for those as well, not modern ones but old, were the frames are all well worn and they are all dotted around my house........ so on the whole I have had a busy morning, Oh I forgot also hung some curtains at the window on my landing, which I thought was very brave of me, as it measures about 8ft in height and I do not like heights, and had to go up the the step ladder.... which is now stuck on the landing as I cannot close the dam thing.... and even had time to put together a layout while I am waiting for the kitchen floor to dry.... 
Well I am going to get some brekkie and get ready for my baby girl Teresa to pick me up, will speak again soon
 God willing, and also if I haven't become
 coma endused due to fumes.....

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  1. Lovely piece this morning. Hope that smell's dispersed by now too!


  2. Stunning!!! I adore!
    Thank you so much for the nice comment you left about my card.
    Rosi x


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