Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day Mum....

Good Morning Peeps....
I hope you are all well, and enjoying your weekend, my blog today is dedicated to my amazing Mum..... she really has the patience of a Saint, the times I must have annoyed her over the years, and the times I have not listened to her worldly advice, she has made such an impact on my life, more than she know's, and I would be lost without her.... |I can actually hear myself saying some of the things she has said to me over the years, to my own children, but one saying that my amazing Mum said to me once sticks in my head, children make your arms ache when little and your heart ache when they get older..... so Mum, this is for you I love you more than you will ever know, and I do listen to you honest.....
Happy Mothers Day Mummy

I would also like to thank my Wonderful Children for there gorgeous pressies 
Love you All so much it makes my Heart Hurt....

Below is the card that I made my Mum for her special day.

The Photo is me and my Mum

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  1. Sue, his is just beautiful! Your mum must have been thrilled!
    Your photo is gorgeous too! Such fun!
    Dawn xx


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